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Dear Readers,

There is more to life than money and property.

Every property listed in this website can be bought over with money.  However there are many things money can not buy such as health,  morals, common sense, trust, happiness, inner peace, positive mental attitudes, integrity, dignity and etc. 

Please don’t get me wrong.  I am not saying money is not important but we should learn to control money/material by not being influenced by the lack/abundance of them. 

I have seen many successful people but they are not happy whilst some poor/under privileged people yet they are full of gratitude towards their lives. 

From time to time I will share the good/meaningful articles either in English or Mandarin or videos in my website.  Hope it can bring fresh insight into our life.  

I wish you all healthy (physically and mentally) and wealthy (materially and/or spiritually).  

Yours truly, 

Mark Mah

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